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Open All Conflicted Merge Files With Git

When merging branches something I often want to open all of the conflicted files in my editor. There's no built in way to do this (that I know of) but it's actually not terribly complicated to do.

vim $(git status -s | grep ^UU | awk ‘{print $2})

Let's break it down.

First you've got git status -s which prints your status but in it's short (-s) format. Anything starting with the code UU means that both versions of the file have been modified and it's unmerged.

We pipe that into grep ^UU which just gives us all the lines of the status that start with "UU".

Finally we use awk '{print $2}' to grab the second argument from each line. In each line the first "argument" is the status (UU) and the second is the actual file location.

That's it! Super easy.

You can take this and throw it into an executable script or set it up as an alias in your .gitconfig!


vim $(git status -s | grep ^UU | awk ‘{print $2})

Git Alias:

  edit-conflicts = "!f() { git status -s | grep ^UU | awk '{print $2}' ; }; vim `f`"